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Legal Terms of Use

These Terms and Conditions, which incorporate by reference the Terms and Conditions of Website Use and any Additional Online Terms and Conditions (if any), apply to the site usage.
Please go through the Online Terms carefully before using our site and print off a copy for your records. By using our site, you are confirming your agreement to be bound by the Online Terms.

1) Consent to Terms and Conditions

By engaging with this site, you agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined in our Terms of Use.

2) Contributions and Submissions

The exclusions and limitations of liability contained in the Online Terms do not apply to a party’s liability: (i) for fraud or wilful default; (ii) for death or personal injury caused by its negligence; or (iii) where such limitation or exclusion cannot lawfully be excluded.
Except as set out in the Online Terms, shall not be responsible for losses that result from its failure to comply with the Online Terms including, but not limited to, losses that fall into the following categories:
  • Indirect or consequential losses;
  • Loss of income or revenue
  • Loss of business;
  • Loss of anticipated savings; or
  • Loss or corruption of data.
Is not responsible to you for any data that you lose either as a result of accessing the Site. It is your responsibility to ensure that you regularly save and back up
  • All data which you hold on the computer from which you are accessing the Site
Will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to comply with its obligations under the Online Terms if the delay or failure arises from any cause which is beyond reasonable control. This condition does not affect your rights.

3) Miscellaneous Details

If any part of these Terms of Use is found to be unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will still be valid. These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between Company and users regarding the websites.

4) Unlawful Conduct

Organization may restrict access from within its network to any sites in furtherance of these Terms of Use. You may contact UTO to request access to a restricted site or to report that a site was restricted in error. Organization may restrict you from accessing Organization Computing and Communication Resources.
Information Posted to Organization Computers or Web Pages
  • Restriction on Use of Organization Web Pages. Organization’s website and web pages may be used only for Organization business and only authorized individuals may modify or post materials to these pages. No other pages may suggest that they are Organization web pages. If confusion is possible, pages should contain a disclaimer and links to Organization sites.
  • Responsibilities of Individuals Posting Materials. By posting materials and using Organization Computing and Communication Resources, each User represents that he or she has created the materials or that he or she has the right to post or use the materials. The storage, posting, or transmission of materials must not violate the rights of any third person in the materials, including copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, and any rights of publicity or privacy of any person. Materials posted must not be defamatory, libelous, slanderous, or obscene.
  • Prohibition against Commercial Use. Organization Computing and Communication Resources may not be used for unauthorized commercial purposes.

5) Links to third party websites

Our website features links to external, third-party websites for your informational purposes. These links do not constitute an endorsement of the material on these sites or any associated product or service. The content on these sites is not under our control, and we do not assume responsibility for any losses or damages that may arise from using these third-party sites. Please ensure you understand their privacy policies and terms of service before using their services.

6) Charges and Financial Transactions

As part of our commitment to providing value, we occasionally adjust subscription prices or introduce new products and services. These changes may reflect evolving market conditions, cost factors, or enhancements to our offerings. We will notify you in advance of any price adjustments or significant changes to your subscription terms, giving you the opportunity to review and make informed decisions regarding your subscription. Your satisfaction remains our priority, and we appreciate your continued support as we strive to improve and expand our offerings.

7) Restitution

For detailed information on refund eligibility, please refer to our Refund Policy. We retain the discretion to reject refund requests, especially those for subscription plans with a 7-day or longer free trial, or those that contravene our Refund Policy. Refunds are typically limited to one per user. Upon confirmation of a subscription refund, all access to Company membership features will be revoked.
Refunds will not be issued to users engaged in fraudulent activities or violations of our Terms and Community Guidelines, as determined by us. Users deactivated for such reasons are also ineligible for refunds. If you subscribed through third-party services, kindly review their refund policies.

8) End of Service Use

We will determine, at our discretion, whether there has been a breach of this acceptable use policy.
Failure to comply with this policy constitutes a material breach of our Terms and Conditions and may result in various actions, including immediate withdrawal of site access, removal of content, issuance of warnings, and legal proceedings.

9) Creating Your Account

When creating an account, you will be required to establish a password. Keep your password confidential and do not share it with anyone. If we suspect misuse or a security risk, we may ask you to change your password or we may suspend your account.

10) Site Access Procedures

You may access the website on a temporary basis. Our company reserves the right to withdraw all or part of the website or to amend the service provided or the information and materials provided on the website at any time and without notice. Our company shall not be liable for any loss or damage howsoever arising if the website or any part of it is not available for any period of time.

11) Cookies and Privacy

Transparency and accountability are core to our data handling practices. Our Privacy Policy ensures that your information is collected and processed ethically and securely, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

12) Customer Support Contact

Should you need further clarification or have any significant concerns regarding these terms and conditions, our customer support team is available via email to provide detailed, thoughtful answers and comprehensive guidance to assist you in fully understanding and navigating these terms.

13) Revisions to Terms of Service

Please be advised that these Terms of Service may be revised at any time at our sole discretion. Updates will be effective immediately upon posting. By continuing to use our services after such postings, you accept and agree to any and all changes. Your continued use of the services signifies your agreement to the current terms.

14) No Warranty

Our website and its content are offered to you on an "as is" and "as available" basis without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. The Company does not warrant that the site will be available at any particular time or location; nor that any defects or errors will be corrected; nor does it warrant the accuracy or completeness of any content available through the website.